Transcending Culture with Mariamah

Modest fashion used to be a niche’ domain in many respects. Birthed as a form of religious, cultural and environmental expression, Modest fashion remained on the outskirts of mainstream fashion for a long period of time. But through the forces of globalization and cultural egalitarianism, modest fashion has become one of the forefronts of avant-garde fashion. This editorial shot with the backdrop of Greece’s natural beauties is a testament to modest fashion’s global reach and more importantly, it is an expression of intent from Mariamah, one of modest fashion’s rising entities.

Roxana Mariam’s Mariamah elevates the notion of modest fashion not only as a form of cultural or artistic experience but also as a vehicle of universality. This editorial is a realization of that specific thread of globalization that is making modest fashion and designers like Mariam finally stand out as modest fashion becomes intrinsic within the realm of mainstream fashion.

From the variability of the silhouettes to the deconstruction of shoulders and cuffs, Mariamah pushes the avant-garde into the narrative seamlessly. The foundational palette of mostly solid colors is complemented by Mary Katranzou-esque prints while remaining accessible to a large demographic of women.

Shot as a form of singular story, each photograph corresponds a sense of ease and longing to the process of presenting something that is visually still very new to the eyes of mainstream fashion. The primary aesthetics is built on the idea that traditionalism can be avant-garde and unique. Mariamah’s open supply chain, socially responsible philosophy of profit sharing is a modern way of doing business. And however counterintuitive it seems at times, upon closer inspection Mariamah’s aesthetics is avant-garde and modern as it bridges the gap between two separate worlds of fashion. And there lies the beauty of art as it rises above the narrow boundaries (we create for ourselves) and transcends them.

Credit to : deuxmag

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