Modesty in style with Mariamah

Modesty in style with Mariamah

Cultural and religious consideration has moulded a new sense of global fashion, which is now popularly termed as modest wear.

Today, we see runways, global brands like Puma and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as international celebrities, noticeably embracing covered-up silhouettes, and creative layering. 

The appeal of such clothing has gone to an entirely new stylish place as the fashion conscious of all generations have been widely accepting it due to religious and ethnic fulfilment, or to achieve a certain degree of aesthetics, ease and comfort in attire.

Roxana Mariam was previously recognised for her well-established brand “Roxana,” which was famous both locally and internationally for evening wear and accessories.

She collaborated with different European brands and retail outlets such as Christian Fischbacher (Switzerland), The Glass House (UK), BOX Two (UK), Bombay Connection (UK) and in Asia, SAZABY (Japan).

She even created evening wear for the Miss World Pageant.

In subsequent years, multiple fashion houses, brands and corporate offices have shown great interest in her work.

Her brand bloomed and Roxana developed a range of corporate giftware for companies such as the Royal Yacht Britannia, Guards Polo Club, The Westin and Radisson hotels.

She also has a long history of brilliant international exposure that has taken her brand around the world to many different platforms.

In 2006, she launched a new line of clothing, Mariamah. Having worn the hijab for a few years, she quickly realised that there was very little out there that she would personally wear.

A trip to Malaysia further convinced her that there was a great need for a contemporary Western line of clothing, without compromising the religious aspect.

Mariamah participated at an international trade show in Malaysia for Islamic goods and services. It was really well received and a lot of people contacted her and were inspired to open shops to sell the brand’s collection.

The response in Malaysia was overwhelming. She participated again the following year, and the business continued to grow.

Soon after the launch in Malaysia, Mariamah was invited to participate in fashion shows in Bangladesh, and her change in direction was well appreciated.

“I have always been known for my evening wear and western clothing under the label of Roxana. I took the decision to switch over to modest clothing and introduced my customers to MARIAMAH and was uncertain of how it would be received. It was a pleasant surprise.”

There is also a wide variety of scarves and hijab accessories on display.

Roxana Mariam was featured in Vogue UK while still at fashion school. Very recently, she has come full circle with a remarkable editorial piece written by Olivia Moreau of Vogue Arabia, featured in DEUX, a sister magazine of Vogue specialising in avant-garde fashion.

The fashion shoot took place in Greece with Condé Nast photographer, Omi Choudhury. It was a terrific opportunity for a Bangladeshi designer to be highlighted on such a grand platform. In addition to that, Mariamah was recently featured in PERIOD, an international fashion magazine known for its indie fashion outlook.

“Mariamah is a holistic brand for anyone looking for a modest, contemporary style,” commented Roxana Mariam. The Mariamah customer is a mother, a professional business woman, student, a participant in worldly affairs, with a dignified manner that is relevant today.

“Woman are empowered human beings and it is essential we contribute. We are capable, relevant, and strong. Our clothing should reflect that. Dignity, elegance, and respect are the main focus,” she said.

Mariamah has a website with their most exclusive and up to date collections. Customers can contact them from the website or their Facebook page and can also visit their ‘by appointment only’ showroom where they have a bespoke line and orders are made to the specifications of the customer.

“Once people understand the quality of workmanship, the kind of fabrics we use, and familiarise themselves with the sizing, it will be easy for them to purchase online. Some Mariamah products are available on the Yellow online store, but we are also pursuing other options,” added Roxana Mariam.

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